Brother M140X2

The demand of the market for increasingly complex processes has led the company to invest in a new vertical multitasking CNC machining centre with 5 axes and high performance. The choice fell on the installation of a high performance machine in terms of speed, reliability and precision.
The machine, besides being compact, is equipped with rotation (c = 360 °) and inclination (a = + 120 ° -30 °) axes that allow turning and milling processes to be performed in a single unit positioning. In addition to reducing the movement of the piece and therefore an increase of efficiency, the most important advantage is linked to the elimination of all those tolerance errors that can be added to the various positions between the different processing phases.

As proof of the winning choice, just 3 years after the installation of the first machine, the company has decided to expand its production capacity for this type of processing by installing a second machine with the same technical characteristics but with the addition of a robot and its parts storage tower can automate the process of loading and unloading of the workpiece.