IRMA has always focused attention on two aspects that we consider fundamental for business growth and closely related: PEOPLE & ENVIRONMENT.
The personnel, currently consisting of 20 people employed with a permanent job, of whom 5 are indirect ones, has always been a priority for our company.
From the beginning, the idea has always been to focus attention not only on the working relationship but also on the human factor. Winning idea, proven by the fact that many of our employees have dedicated their working lives in IRMA, starting as teenagers and leaving the company only when reaching retirement age.

In recent decades, the company has set the goal of investing part of the capital in energy efficiency and in reducing the impact of fog emissions oils created by machinery by installing in the workshop a centralized suction system.

The most significant investments were made on the reduction of consumption energy: the most important was in 2012 with the installation of a photovoltaic system with an annual production of around 30MW.
Again with this in mind, a new compressor with inverter has recently been installed (reduction of electricity consumption by over 50%). We finally replaced the lighting in the production department with new LED lighting fixtures that, in addition to a substantial reduction in consumption of electricity, allow the reduction of maintenance costs (useful life of LED lamps: around 12 years).