The reliability proven over the years and the need by the customer to order a finished product allowed us to be appointed by numerous clients as "prime contractor".

This involved a more structured internal organization starting from the phase of quotation up to the careful packaging and then to the final shipment through a courier to reach the most distant destinations or by our means for the short trips.

In order to offer services with high quality standards, over the years we have structured a supply chain being able to satisfy the most different requests.

In addition to the raw material, in fact, our supplier range offers processes such as broaching, the cylindrical grinding for interior and exterior, welding, braze welding up to heat and surface treatments such as Oxidation (natural, coloured and hard coloured), Oxide®, Painting, Galvanizing, Chromium and  Silver plating, Tinning, Passivation, Phosphating, Sandblasting, Tumbling, Brightening, Resin treatment, etc.
In addition to repetitive and series production of medium-small batches, we are also able to make samples for 1 piece.