Our company is assessed by the most important customers through a process that annually inspects the entire production process with highly performing audits.

The checks on the piece are made by the quality manager several times during the processing cycle: in the phase of "first piece", at random according to statistical criteria during the actual production and before the final delivery to the customer.

Upon request, we carry out first supply reports including certificate of raw material and, if required, heat and/or surface treatment.
The measurement instrumentation is complete in order to guarantee every type of dimensional control. Our tools, with the support of a dedicated software, are catalogued and submitted to periodic calibration in order to guarantee reliability and traceability.
The tools included in the quality department are the most varied: analogue and digital gauges, rings, smooth and threaded pads, analogue and digital micrometres, centesimal, sets of Johnson blocks, comparators, roughness tester, Mitutoyo digital altimeter, Baty vertical profile projector.
The instrumentation is completed by a three-dimensional measuring machine Dea type Mistral that in 2019 has undergone a complete retro-fit both in terms of hardware and new software for the issue from 3D files of the measurement cycle. This allows rapid measurement cycles for immediate use even during production.
In addition, the machine was equipped with a rack with 6 positions for the automatic change system of feeler in order to make measurement operation times efficient.
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